About Me

photo by Sweet Magnolia DFW
photo by Larinda Smith







I am the wife to Ross Pagenkopf, one incredible man and even more amazing dad.  We have three beautiful, feisty girls. I never dreamed I would be a girl mom, but it’s real. Most people would say I’m extroverted and passionate (maybe some would say fierce). I’m the only-child to amazing generous parents. Besides being a wife, mom and daughter, I’m also a child life specialist at the local children’s hospital in the ED.  It’s a dream job that I have done for a little over 8 years.  Raw, messy, and consistently undone is a reality that I live and am totally okay with. When I’m not writing, cooking, cleaning or working (not in that order), I enjoy sappy romantic comedies (Hallmark cheesiness is the best!).  My favorite place to be is in Lake Tahoe with my family enjoying the mountains and the beach! I love coffee and dark chocolate, and when you add them to a group of women around a table, I’m in heaven! I’m in process, fully…I’ve not come close to arriving.  But I am saved by and incredible Grace and extended incredible Mercy on a moment by moment basis.  Over the last several years, the reality of eternity has become my heartbeat.  I believe fully that the Kingdom of God is coming in and through Jesus-followers, and we are called to live in this reality HERE… {for now}.