Life On Earth

She died.  I got a text this morning from a friend (life-long friend) that lost a co-worker and friend to an aggressive brain cancer.  Tears welled up in my eyes as I texted her back.  So much loss here.  This precious life just affected my life, my view of my God, my eternity.  And I have never met her.  But I prayed for her and her circle, and I won’t stop.  Because other lives, other’s eternity is being affected here.  She deeply affected the life of one of my closest friends, and I know that there is an opportunity for an entire school of teachers and kids to see eternity because of this one life. Just this weekend I helped a family of a precious little one who is the same age as one of my girlies with legacy building. Aggressive cancer came into his life a few short months ago, and his body had lost the battle against it.  As I sat with the mom creating lasting legacy items for her and her family, she said over and over, “He is perfect. He is perfect.”  He is.  That is eternity…that is the Kingdom coming.  That was a holy moment for me.

This [here] is not it.  There is more. A lot more.  The summer of 2004 was a life-changing summer for me.  The reality of eternity began to blossom in my heart.  I was a nanny for a family with seven kiddos who ministered to families through family camp at Pine Cove. I mostly spent my time with the youngest four. Their mom ministered to me all summer.  She has no idea the impact she had on my life, but I hope she is reading along to know that it was life-changing. 🙂 One day she asked me to do an activity with the kids about eternity.  We took a toilet paper roll out to the back yard, and we unrolled it all the way.  Then we ripped off one square, and it represented our entire life.  One square.  The rest represented eternity.  This is a blip, y’all.  This life.  And we are literally only getting glimpses of what is to come.

Another thing that she taught that summer and said to me was a quote that led to the title of my very first blog.  She said, “Life on earth is not about life on earth.”  My first blog was entitled Ashley’s Life On Earth.  These moments (all of them…hard and beautiful) are intended to give us glimpses to eternity ~ it’s really, really not about us.  Eternity is here, but not completely.

God led me to my current church the fall of 2005.  One of the most profound things that I have gained in my 12 years at this church is the reality of the Kingdom coming and it’s also here now (in part).  My pastor illustrates this intersection between life here and eternity. He often uses his arms to show this kind of tie between the two…

I am so grateful for his illustration and constant reminder that Heaven is not his far off place to hope for. My pastor often reminds us that eternity lives in us, and that we are carriers of the Kingdom come.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done… Matthew 6:10

I began praying the Lord’s prayer daily about a decade ago.  Andrew Murray has written many books, but With Christ In The School of Prayer has been the most life-changing as it taught me how to pray through the Lord’s Prayer.  We pray it every day on the way to school.  May we know and understand that the Kingdom is coming to us…He is coming again.  But He is also here.  We can see Him and eternity through each other.  We can be a part of showing someone else a glimpse of eternity.  Yes! How beautiful is that.  Every moment is an opportunity for someone to know that this is NOT IT.

Your love is better than life… Psalm 63:3

This scripture is easy when we are talking about life in relation to death and the hard, unwanted pieces of this life.  But if you are like me, there is much of this life that you love and you never want it to end…romance, mountaintop views, babies learning to walk, kids learning to read, and on and on.  We love so much of this life here.  We love it sometimes more than we love Him.  And we forget that there is more.  There is more coming.  This is not the way it ought to be.  The things that are wrong in this world, where the Kingdom and Him feel so very distant, those moments are there saying, “This is NOT IT…”  More is coming.  More beauty. All things made right.  ALL THINGS the way they ought to be.

We are Kingdom-bearers.  We are where He dwells to bring His Kingdom here.  We bring Eternity here. He has put eternity in the hearts of men.  We CANNOT FATHOM what God is doing from beginning to end. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

We cannot fathom it, y’all. But we are a part of it. He chose us to reveal it. We get the most incredible tastes of eternity in some of the holiest, happiest, hardest moments of life.  And they are nothing compared to what we will experience.

When you choose to be here ~ really here ~ especially here with Christ in you, you have so many opportunities to see and to show the glimpses of eternity and really know that the more that is to come is indeed so good and so real.  So when all my friend’s friends and co-workers come together this afternoon to talk about how to move forward…when they hold hands and grieve…when they serve one another because of the hard day….when they encourage each other with words and Scripture and hugs…they will see eternity.  Where the Holy Spirit is moving, He is displaying eternity.  Be here, really here {for now}.

Because this life on earth has Eternity written all over it. 


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