And then there is Jesus

originally published July 9, 2013

I would love for this to be a well-organized blog post, but unfortunately time does not allow for me to get all of these thoughts organized and written down.  I may just get them blurted out.


This is what everything is really all about.  His life, his glory, his love, HIM.  And yet, even as I write this, I would love to be in his presence more and yet I choose to write this instead of practicing the actual art of sitting in His presence, at His feet, and allowing HIM to reign my day.

I’ve been reading Ecclesiastes and listening to Matt Chandler’s sermon series on the book (two sermons in).  Meaningless.  Yes, listening to this and writing this blog, having kids, playing with my kids today and buying my husband a birthday gift.  All meaningless.  Really??

I’m so confused.  Isn’t there a righteous, holy way to do this life that makes all the things we do everyday NOT meaningless, but for Jesus?

Not without Jesus.  Not without knowing Him and letting Him live His life in you.

There can’t be NOTHING to what I am doing every day.  The laundry, the discipline, the play time, the time with friends, the celebrations.  Turns out Solomon wasn’t doing laundry and play-time, and he celebrated like a crazy, blissful, self-indulging man and it was meaningless.  This debauchery as meaningless makes sense to me, but playtime and laundry.  All the mom blogs in the world tell me that this is holy.

It is holy…with Jesus reigning it.

“…He has set eternity in their hearts…”

Yes, He has set eternity in my heart.  I can feel it.  Everytime jealousy and judgement, pain and temptation, frustration and angst well up in me, I am reminded that I want more than that…that at the core of who I am, I believe that Jesus is better than anything I’ve ever tasted, seen, experienced.  He is better than childbirth, organic shampoo, the best meal I’ve ever had, the best cup of coffee drank with the best book I’ve ever read in hand, the best mountain and lake view I can imagine, the laughter of two little girls in the back seat.

He is better.

And yet because the Spirit of the LIVING God is good and so much kinder than we can imagine, He lets me into holiness while I enjoy a cup of coffee.  He shows me purity in my girls’ laughter.  He draws me into Him and shows me His unfailing love as my Daddy during childbirth.

The Spirit allows us to meet Him HERE AND NOW. 

But only by the Spirit is that even possible.  To make the most meaningless things so incredibly meaningful.

Matt Chandler said something similar to this in talking about life without Christ:

Here is the Truth…you will miss the fullness of it {the good things in life}…you will miss the joy of UNDERSTANDING the provision of God over your life.  There is a joy that makes that{the experiences here and now} richer.

I spend a lot of time in contemplation these days.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s the hormones of having children or the lack of sleep that takes me to my knees.   But I am raw.

I look around and see all that is happening.  The good things, the hard things, the wrong things, the tragic things, the beautiful things, the lovely things, the yummy things.  And I am undone.

Our God gave us all of this and then said ~ enjoy it and experience it…but not without Me.  I make it everything it is.  I set eternity in the hears of man and make things beautiful.  I do that! ~

It is all very meaningless…ridiculous.  And then there is Jesus. 

And I want my meaningless without Him to become everything in Him, for Him because of Him pointing solely to Him and His Kingdom.

Spirit…I want that joy and understanding…the rich, deep wells of life IN JESUS.