Hanging by a Moment

originally published December 8, 2016

There’s an old Lifehouse song called Hanging by A Moment…I’m hanging by a moment here with you…

These lyrics have been at the forefront of my mind all week.  While this is a love song, I have literally felt like I’m hanging by a moment…during so many moments.

I’ve been asking the Lord a lot about the tension of life. Our natural tendency is to avoid tension.  Our natural tendency is to get to the other side.  I’ve had a picture all week of a tight rope walker hanging from the tension of the line.

I mean this can’t be comfortable for long.  There has got to be a moment where you are thinking why the hell did I do this whole thing in the first place? And then the other question of why did I think it would be a good idea to hang…I could have just kept going…run to the other side.

And I feel like most of the time you don’t consciously decide to hang…something (falling) got you to this place of hanging in the tension.  But do you decide to stay and enjoy the view or panic?  I mean look at that view.  I think I would panic, thinking that I hated this moment…this moment wasn’t planned or calculated, it looks bad (like I don’t know what I’m doing) and it’s really uncomfortable.  Or I could choose to just be here for a moment.  I wish there was a picture of more than one person out there hanging…cause that’s the real deal.

I feel like I have become quite comfortable with hanging.  I’m starting to think that the hanging is actually the whole thing.  Hanging in the tension, hanging in the moment, being okay with the uncomfortable, the scary, the awkward, dare I say, the MESS that we are all in.  I’m starting to believe it’s the holy…the sacred.  More sacred than the other side or never going at all.  

There is an epidemic in our world to not hang in the awkward, tense moments…to hate MESS.  Instead we should have thought about how to avoid those moments and planned better, have a gallant way of fixing the moment to make it feel less awkward and hard, or figure out how to get yourself across and save yourself to the other side as fast as possible.  You will get a standing ovation for getting to the other side, but have you ever seen anyone cheer for the guy hanging?  It’s only at cirque du soleil that those people get cheered on and only because everyone is sitting there thinking, “I could never do that.”

But what if we hung…in the tension…by the moment.  What if we were okay with the uncomfortable and really present in the hard?  What if we chose to get up and hang with someone instead of watching from one side of the other and offering suggestions, opinions or judgements?  I’m just saying, I’m cheering on the hangers over here! 

This week I’ve stood with a friend as her husband was arrested. I held her baby while she talked to family. It was awkward and hard, and I believe it goes down as one of the holiest moments with the Lord to date.  And I’ve watched my mom hang in the tension of life and death with her own mom.  And I’ve watched my girls actually sit in the moment and embrace it.  They have been totally okay with the hard and requested to be a part of it…and they have not panicked once.  Neither has my mom.  She has been there. Embracing the awkward, hard, hanging moment.  And it is sacred and beautiful and holy.  And HE IS THERE. HE IS MORE THERE THAN ANYWHERE. EMMANUEL…GOD WITH US.

I kind of think that all of life is actually right there in the middle of the tight rope.  Creation on one side and the New Earth on the other… In case you didn’t know, we are all out there awkwardly hanging upside down.  So all us crazy’s that think we’ve made it or we would never get ourselves in such a conundrum, I’ve got news for us…it’s called life.  And we are all hanging by a moment.